Из дневника моей ученицы

Рин К.
Что-то кончится, что-то начнется. А. Сапковский
Орфография и пунктуация автора сохранены=))

Today I am in my hometown Ozersk. For the first time I Came there I thought "how could I liven there for ages?!" The shops are awful and the shop assistant's behavior doesn't correspond to my expectations at all. How will I live here for 4 days? I have no idea!

Today we packed all our bags and we are ready to go to the airport. I'm looking forward to meet my old friends!
Also today I had a good mark and my mother is glade.

Today my journal decided not to help me like the Internet, so it was no note on that day. All in all the day was good as I had an exellent mark on my math lesson.

I loved this day very much! Today I decided to run in the morning regulary. My mother think that it is good for health. So I'd like to do it almost every day. Also it is the last school day of the weekend today when I finally got home in the afternoon to rest and go swimming I heard my mobile phone ringing. It was my friend. He had broken something in the shop and he asked me to give him 200 r. However it was my last money I helped him. Now I have to eat nothing because of a financial problem named Serega...all in all I'm on a diet!

Мои дети - такое чудо.
С ними очень тяжело, но без них слишком скучно.

@настроение: немного уставшее

@темы: преподавательское, мои подопечные и я, работа

2012-05-17 в 01:28 

Это твоя педагогическая идея - писать дневники на иностранном, или она сама активист?

2012-05-17 в 09:12 

Рин К.
Что-то кончится, что-то начнется. А. Сапковский
Моя идея)

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